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    14 August 2015

    Snow Melting Heater Specification

    Snow Melting Heater Specification

    Snow Melting Heater Introduction

    1. Normal operation: When the power gets through and snow melting heater switch is turned on, it  begins to work.

    2. Warm-up time: When snow melting heater is under normal working condition, it takes less than 10mins from room temperature to the operating temperature.

    3.Waterproof level:Snow melting heater  waterproofing grade is more than IPX7.

    4.The leakage current in  wet condition: It is around 0.2mA.

    5.  Current intensity under working temperature: Snow melting heater has a frequency of 50Hz in normal operating condition,.Use the alternating current to test the voltage 3750Vfor 1min, breakdown and flashover does not appear.

    6. Low temperature resistance: Snow melting heater does not appear catalysis, deformation, delamination and other phenomenon after 40 hours storage at a low temperature of -30℃.

    7. The electricity-heat transformation rate: Snow melting heater use high polymer heating base material, electricity conversion rate is not less than 98%.

    8. Bearing strength: It is not less than 500KG / m2 when snow melting heater on the ground.


    Snow Melting Heater Feature

    A,Supply safer non-slip path

    1,It can continue to melt snow and ice with non-slip and  clean surface,it can bear the lowest temperature -30 ℃.

    2,It can be used  to melt the snow for ramp, entrance, roof and other places.

    3,It has protection function: It has leakage protector on the normal type.

    B,Easy installation

    1,This portable snow melting heater is very easy to install,covering the sidewalks, doorways for melting snow and ice for long time.

    2,When connect the power, the pad gets hot at once.

    C,Clean,durable, environmental 

    1,It heats to melt snow and ice without  chemicals, so can keep environment clean.

    2,Decorative design surface makes it anti-slip,and  choose natural rubber to make it have better weather adaptation.