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    29 July 2015

    Silicone heating wire specification

    Silicone heating wire specification

    First,Product overview

    Silicone rubber heating wire has excellent heat resistance, it is widely used in refrigeratorsfreezersair conditioning,drinking fountainsrice cookers and other household appliances. The average power density is generally below 40w / m. The power density can up to 60w / m with using  temperature of -60 ℃ - +155 ℃ under a better heat dissipation environment.

    According to the different characteristics of the usingour company has two kinds of silicone rubber heating wire: parallel constant power heating wire and self-limiting heating wire.


    Second,Product Model

    1.Parallel constant heating wire

    (1) Application:Building, Cold storage, heating ground of warehouse,heating chute,gutter and roof defrost.

    (2) Feature

    A.Good temperature performance.All insulation materials is silicone(include power cable).It can work between -60C and ±200C.

    B.Good thermal conductivity.Power can produce heat, direct thermal conductivity, high thermal efficiency, short-term heating to achieve the effect.

    C.Reliable electrical performance.Each electric heating tape need to be test for rigorous DC resistance, flooding high pressure and insulation resistance to ensure quality before leaving factory.

    D.Strong structure, flexible and easy to be bent.Combined with the overall cold end, no binding point. It has reasonable structure and is easy to be installed.

    E.Can be designed.Heating length,length of power cable,rated voltage and power all can be customized.

    (3)Technical datasheet

    Output power







    Power cable


    Insulation material for power cable

    Silicone rubber

    Heating temperature (heating nothing)

    Below 60℃


    Below 100℃

    Below 120℃

    Heating wire external insulation material

    Silicone rubber

    Heating part







    Distance between nodes


    Soaking pressure


    Insulation resistance



    2.Self - limiting heating wire

    (1)InstructionsThe heating wire is on the glass fiber wound alloy wire, and its outer layer is covered with silicone rubber insulation layer.Dameter:φ01.2/2.0 /2.5/3.0/4.0/5.0/mmResistence0.3-20000Ω/mTemperature resistance:180/90 centigrade;appication:freezerair conditionFreezer defrosting heatRice cooker insulationelectric blanketelectric cushionelectric massage chairmedical beauty equipmentelectric waistlineelectric thermal clothingelectric heating shoesbath poolfoot basin and so on.

    (2)Specifications can be customized:

    AThe connection between the heating wire and the outgoing cold end (lead wire) is sealed with silicone moldBut the lead wire must also be silicone insulation.  

    BThe connection between the heating wire and the outgoing cold end (lead wire) is sealed with a shrink tube.

    CThe connection between the hotline and the cold end leads has the same diameter as the wire bodymark the heat and cold section with color markings.The advantage is that the connection with the line body has the same diameter, simple structure.

    Technical datasheet


    2mm to 6mm

    The heating filament hovered the skeleton

    0.5mm to 1.5mm

    Heating coil

    Nickel-chrome or copper wire

    Insulating layer

    Silicone rubber


    DCR±5%   OD+0.2/-0.1mm

    Output Power

    Highest 40W/m


    Higest 600V

    Toppest surface temperature


    Lowest surface temperature





    1.Parallel constant power heating wire can be cut at any length in the the longest limit use.

    2.Self-limited wire is limited by the heating wire use length and power,can not be cut at any length.