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    30 August 2019

    Introduction for silicone rubber heater


    Silicone rubber heater is made of nickel chrome alloy resistance wire and glass fiber cloth with silicone rubber coated as insulating layer It is very flexible and its standard thickness is 1.5mm. It can be attached to the heated object closely and transfer the heat to anywhere you need.




    • It is made of two glass fiber cloth which is pressed and silicone rubber added .

    • It has excellent heat conductivity because of the thin thickness.

    • It is flexible and can be closely wound on the curved and cylindrical heated object.

    • Normal heating element is mainly of carbon element, while silicone rubber heater is of nickel chrome resistance wire ,so It is safe to be used

    • The shape can be customized.

    • Special manufacturing method! Even only one piece, can be completed in a short time .

    • It is thin and flexible so also light and small .

    • It can be easily attach to heated objects.



    The silicone rubber heater has excellent flexibility and can wrap the heated objects.

    It needs to dig hole,tie with tape or install steel springs, velcro etc.These installation has the advantage of easy disassembled and no influence of the appearance of the heated objects.

    As silicone rubber heater is ligght, so it can paste 3M adhesive and attached to the surface of the heating objects closely . It has advantages of using small space and easy installation.



    • Its heating temperature will change according to the difference of ambient temperature, material and heated object shape.

    • Silicone rubber heaters are waterproof, but they can't be used in liquid directly.

    • Silicone rubber heaters can not be used in an overlapping manner, that will cause local temperature too high and damage the product.

    • During installation, the silicone heater should be attached to the heated object closely.



    Sensors: thermocouple, PT100, thermistor .

    Temperature limiter: thermal protector, auto on-off thermostat, thermal fuses.

    Plug: Chinese standard plug, European standard plug, American standard plug, English standard plug .

    Temperature controller: dial controller, digital controller, digital temperature control box, explosion-proof temperature control boxInsulation.

    Layer: EPDM rubber, styrofoam.