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    03 December 2018

    flexible heaters application


    Flexible heaters are in high demand for various applications such as wearable electronics, warming garments, automotive, food and beverages, graphical imaging, thermal processing, satellites, semiconductor wafer processing, aerospace and defense, and medical devices. Growth and developments in these applications are sure to influence the global market for flexible heaters. Plus, rising utilization and demand for smart devices, including LCD screens, RTD monitors and 3D printers, commercial food equipment, surgical devices and battery warmers are driving the market for flexible heaters.


    Significant improvements in the market for flexible heaters such as the reduction in costs and use of advanced technology are paving the way for the increased utilization of flexible heaters. High demand for various types of flexible heaters such as silicone rubber, polyimide film and polyester heaters offer potential opportunities for the growth of the market in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.